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Welcome to Per´s Birding Pages.  On this site you will find a collection of my bird pictures and my trip reports in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. Since I lived 5 years in South Africa, most of my pictures are from the Southern African region (South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique south of the Zambezi river, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swasiland and Botswana, but after I moved back to Norway in May 2012, I have also travelled to Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. The header that used to be called SA birds is now called African birds since I have started to add pictures from other African countries.

Since my wife Florence is from Tanzania, our last trips have exclusively gone to Tanzania. Florence has a keen eye and has turned out to be a very good photographer. She has now pictures of 566 species from Tanzania. I will add more and more of her pictures to these web pages.

There is also a link to some birds from my home country Norway.  I have still not done a lot of birding in Norway so there are many species missing and the quality of many of the photos are not as good as the pictures from Africa. In fact, I still do more birding in Africa then I do in Norway even though I live in Norway now.

I hope I am able to share some of my passion for birding and taking pictures of birds to my friends and other birders out there.

I am not a professional photographer, but still all the pictures on these pages are copyright protected. and belongs exclusively to me.  If anyone would be interested in using any of my pictures commercially, please take contact with me at

Under the African Birds section, there are pictures of the 812 species  from Southern Africa from June 2008 - May 2012. In addition I have pictures of 681 species (seen 733) from Tanzania My wife Florence have pictures of 586 species in Tanzania. I have now photographed a total of 1110 (Seen 1142) birds in Africa. The yellow on the family pages denotes that I have seen the bird, but do not have a picture yet.



Pages Last Updated: Tuesday 13 March 2018:  Added 25 pictures from Tanzania trip December 2017 - January 2018. This site is updated regularly so click here to find out what is new.